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Mission: Success!  GLAC AUSA’s Army Birthday Ball Rocks the Queen Mary

We have to start with a heartfelt “thank you” to all of the wonderful donors that made it possible for us to host close to 250 local Soldiers, Wounded Warriors and their loved ones to this year’s Army Birthday Ball.  Please know that your generosity made it possible for us to recognize the service and sacrifices that our local Soldiers make to defend our Constitution and our country.  Every Soldier and their loved one that attended was honored and thanked for their service.  They also had a very fun evening out!

Since a picture is worth a thousand words… we just thought we’d share some fun, touching and special moments from the ball.  We are extremely grateful to “Louie the Lens” for these amazing photos.  (424.333.5622 – louiethelens.com).  Louie donated his time and talents to capture the ball for us.  Thank you, Louie!!

Take time to scroll to the bottom and read some of our chapter president’s very moving remarks at the ball.  They mean so much when they come from a Soldier who spent more than 42 years in uniform defending his country. 


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 Keynote Highlights from the Army Birthday Ball

From the American Revolution to today’s war – American Soldiers have always been the Strength of our Nation, willing to fight for the freedoms and the way of life we all enjoy today. in the cold winter of 1776 and with the fate of our Nation uncertain… Our Revolutionary War Soldiers banded together in an all-volunteer force to fight for independence and a democratic way of life. 240 years later, U.S. Army Soldiers are still volunteering to do the heavy lifting for our Nation – and some pay the ultimate price to defend America in the 21st century.

Over seventy percent of the casualties in Iraq were Army Soldiers. As we all know, freedom has been purchased with a hefty price. Today’s Soldiers – volunteers every one – represent much that is right and good about our Nation. And like their predecessors, since 1775, today’s Soldiers are engaged in helping keep America safe and in defending the ideals and freedoms we hold dear.

America’s Army – Soldiers and Families – epitomizes what is best about America. Their willingness to sacrifice to build a better future for others and to preserve our way of life exemplifies Army values. Families play an increasingly important role in the readiness of our All-Volunteer Force by providing the support network for our Soldiers.

We constantly strive to help improve the quality of life for our Soldiers and their family members as they continue to make tremendous sacrifices for our Nation. That is what our Association and our community partners are all about. 

BG (Ret) Jim Combs
President, Greater Los Angeles Chapter

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