1st Vice President

Major Jim Cragg

The 1st Vice President reports to the President of the chapter. The 1st Vice President shall assist the President in the performance of Chapter activities and shall preside at Executive Committee and/or Board of Directors meetings in the absence of the President.

The focus area of responsibility for the 1st Vice President is Corporate and Army Strong Programs. The 1st VP leads all activities related to both GLAC AUSA Corporate Memberships and Army Strong Programs. This position is responsible for recruiting, retaining and managing Corporate Memberships, Army Strong memberships and any related programs.defense of state peace officers in torts and civil rights actions.

Jim Cragg is a recognized innovator, entrepreneur and leader. He founded S.O.Tech Inc in his brother’s dining room in 1997 and built it into a major producer of defense, medical, aviation and adventure sports equipment employing over 80 people and supplying elite agencies around the world. In 2008 he founded Paladin Designs, an international manufacturing corporation, as well as Vets Corps USA / GreenVetsLA a charity supporting veterans, homeless/at-risk people, and the environment. He was also a founding member of three joint military units/programs, all under US Special Operations Command.  Mr. Cragg was recognized with the 2007 SBA Small Business Success Competition 2nd Place Nationally, and the 2009 SBA Veteran Small Business Champion of the Year award. Passionate about social and environmental impact, he has spoken in front of the California Senate, LA City Council and LA Board of Supervisors on Veterans, homelessness, job creation and cleaning the environment. He played a key role in passing legislation on the ban on single use plastic bans.  He was recognized with the 2012 Heal the Bay Super Healer Award. As an educator and public speaker, he has lectured at municipal events on the topic of Leadership Principals in the Military and Business Worlds, and used those tenets to build the Vets Corps Leadership Institute. He began as a school teacher, a medical instructor, and a military survival, weapons and special skills instructor. A recognized inventor, he holds eleven US patents, and has created over 1600 separate product designs including some of which were pivotal military, law enforcement and medical game changers.

Recently selected for promotion to Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserve, he spent most of his career in Airborne and Special Operations units and recently graduated the Command and General Staff College. As a world traveler and international businessman, Jim has cultural knowledge derived from travel to over 70 countries from all continents and knowledge of multiple languages. He has worked with tribal groups from Burma and Laos. He holds a Bachelor of Arts with Majors in Political Science and History – University of California – Los Angeles – 1994

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