We are the Greater Los Angeles Chapter (GLAC) of the Association of the United States Army (AUSA), together known as the GLAC AUSA.  The GLAC AUSA chapter is an all-volunteer team dedicated to caring for and helping our Soldiers transition from military life back to civilian life. This often involves help and direction with financial assistance, employment, education, medical benefits and adjustment issues due to PTSD.  As an all-volunteer team, all the funds we raise go directly to helping those in the Military, Veterans and their families in need.  

The greater Los Angeles area is receiving a wave of returning Veterans who have honorably served over the last several years and with repeated deployments in war zones. When they return home, they often find the transition to civilian life extremely difficult to handle. To make this transition smooth, our chapter fills the gap in meeting their needs; picking up where our government leaves off.  This is where we need your help; you can make a major impact by joining with us in accomplishing these goals.

Also, we have made it our mission to impart to our youth, the patriotic values that make our country great; love of county, respect for our flag, military service and community outreach.  We accomplish this by being actively involved with the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC), which is the high school level and the ROTC, which is the college level.

If you know a returning Veteran or Military family in need – we encourage you to contact us so we can let them know we are here for them.