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Space and the Network Symposium 2018

After a break of six years, GLAC AUSA was thrilled to bring back its forum focused on Space, C4 and Cyber. The symposium, held June 22 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Huntington Beach, was a great success.
The chapter was honored by the unstinting support from LTG James Dickinson, Commanding General SMDC/ARSTRAT and LTG Bruce Crawford, Army CIO/G-6. They provided mentorship and assistance both personally and through their dedicated staffs.

Our first keynote speaker, LTG Eric Wesley (who currently wears two really big hats: Deputy Commanding General, Futures and Director, Army Capabilities Integration Center, United States Army) laid out a comprehensive overview of the Futures Command. His briefing charts are attached. After his keynote, there was a lively question and answer session... Which would probably have continued all day if we didn’t have a fully-packed and amazing agenda scheduled for the rest of the time.

MG Neil Thurgood, Director, Test, Missile Defense Agency, United States Army, was our afternoon keynote speaker. He provided great insight into the role of the Missile Defense Agency in space, especially in dealing with cyber threats. (Charts attached). One of the best attributes of the GLAC symposium was the great interaction between the speakers / panelists and the audience. There was another very lively discussion after MG Thurgood’s keynote; he engaged with the audience with openness and his own thought-provoking questions back to them.

The forum’s two panels – “Cyber and EW Threats to Space” and “Space Enablers” were led by LTG Dickinson and LTG Crawford, respectively. The panels included leading experts from a variety of agencies and industry. GLAC AUS is deeply grateful to LTG (Ret) Richard Formica and LTG (Ret) Bill Phillips for serving as moderators for the panels. “Moderator,” of course, is code for they did all the heavy lifting! They reached out to panelist, worked with staff from SMDC / ARSTRAT and the CIO/G-6 on the content and direction of the panels, and provided great leadership. Attached please find a rather large file with the combined charts for the panels. The focus on these panels was a dialog with the audience, so there are minimal slides.

LTG Formica’s opening keynote, “If I knew then, what I know know...” was filled with wisdom, insight and humor. It was the perfect start for this thought-provoking forum.

Mark your calendar for next year’s symposium: Friday, 7 June. We will be at the Westin Hotel in Long Beach, CA